Hacked: 24 Million at Risk

The online shoe retailer urges customers to change their passwords.
2:26 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hacked: 24 Million at Risk
Major security breach that's got a very popular online retailer. Urging its customers to change their account passwords right now. Zappos has more than a billion dollars in sales every year and the company is the latest victim -- Packers NBC's -- -- has the story. That closed the wildly popular online shoe retailer is famous for its outstanding service free shipping. And every recently profiled on ABC news its unconventional business model. Welcome good. One of our core values is to create -- and a little -- pants but the -- superstore may have just found its Achilles heel. After years of gaining customer loyalty a huge set back. More than 24 million accounts hacked. Now the company is putting its customers on high alert saying hackers successfully breached their down -- gaining access to personal information including user names. Passwords email addresses and even partial credit card information. Zappos got zapped when you have a penetration like and zap those. It's it's basically organized crime they're going after large numbers of identity. To steal people's money the company quickly went into crisis mode re setting all passwords to prevent further breaches -- Apple's web site. In assuring customers that full credit card numbers had not been compromised. But the damage may already begun sophisticated hackers can make use -- even partial personal profiles especially if they include a password. Typically people use one password. To get into that a number of systems and so as a result if you have someone's password. You could easily compromise. Other accounts they have and other locations. Experts say never use the same password for different sites never use your name or even part of your name and a password. And finally change all of your passwords often. Cyber shopping is cyber warfare you have to create. And maintain defenses against the bad guy. It's. Zappos discounting -- 6 PM dot com was also -- to the same types of customer information -- compromise in that attack. The company quickly alerted its users and it's not yet known who was responsible for the hacking. But it's clear -- the -- growing trend -- this number according to a recent survey 90% of all companies. Stated been hacked at some point Georgian -- that's alarming number -- that's certainly has thank you.

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{"id":15376641,"title":" Hacked: 24 Million at Risk","duration":"2:26","description":"The online shoe retailer urges customers to change their passwords.","url":"/GMA/video/zappos-hacked-24-million-risk-15376641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}