Crash: How Did Pilot Survive?

Pilot whose crash was caught on tape talks about his miraculous survival.
2:30 | 11/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crash: How Did Pilot Survive?
Pilot who survived. That shocking helicopter crash while helping to place a Christmas tree. In Auckland New Zealand and now he's talking the other guy flying that -- a helicopter talking about those moments. Before it broke apart and back with us with the story this morning you really can't take your eyes that it -- video it's incredible to watch what's also incredible. -- that he walked away as Jeff said he raises so many questions how did he managed to survive in answer which you're gonna hear a moment is quite simple less easy to understand. His desire to get back in the cockpit. It was one of those stunning. Gasp inducing moments. Captured not just on tape but made all the more horrifying because it was also streaming live online. -- -- -- -- Greg -- was piloting his helicopter along Auckland New Zealand waterfront Wednesday in selling of all things Christmas lights when something went very wrong let's. -- sickened and if -- Kendrick and a veteran. Hovering just 25 feet above the ground. Maintenance crews watched as the choppers blade hit a cable shearing off the rotors and tossing gravel from the cockpit. There was just a huge checking in rob -- and but some places just kind of and -- -- that was. Within a couple of seasons the crowd first running away from the crash and then back in to save him the -- that was under the -- and we will go as well from -- and I'm -- -- gotten rocket could have buying. That -- the -- been fatalities there. This morning he tells TV New Zealand he doesn't know how he walked away. From that heap of twisted metal we only just have. Few scratches. The united from the so -- disappearing really is that -- their belt. Regardless of belts attached to the -- front -- as well before any across them and it's just fun -- and drag me back and I don't think -- the into the back commission. And remarkably after the trauma of the crash he says he is eager. To go back to work. More candidates run great but -- Osama it has -- -- -- A look at the photo from complete five. But on -- model. You know on the one hand it doesn't make any sense why would you want to fly again on the other hand you think about being thrown -- cohorts are getting it back in the saddle me -- what he does not mean we don't fly that close to cables and downtown Auckland. Actually and we said advancing to do that again they do it was calmer better -- -- the -- that's the case.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Pilot whose crash was caught on tape talks about his miraculous survival.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15023052","title":"Crash: How Did Pilot Survive?","url":"/GMA/video/zealand-helicopter-crash-pilot-survive-15023052"}