Zimmerman Defended by Friend, Lawyer for Shooting

Craig Sonner and Joe Oliver discuss George Zimmerman's shooting of unarmed teen.
5:28 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Zimmerman Defended by Friend, Lawyer for Shooting
-- joined now by Joe Oliver a close personal friend of mr. Zimmerman and his legal advisor -- -- thank you both for joining us this morning Joseph let me Begin. We -- we just heard -- -- to talk about these protests in Sanford. Later this afternoon thousands convinced that this was in some way -- hate crime Justice Department investigating that. As well but I taking you would not be speaking out for mr. Zimmerman. If you had any evidence at all that he had been motivated in the past or in this shooting. Bi racial prejudice. No I wouldn't. You know this is that I had a chance before it came in this -- I ran into reverend Jesse Jackson. Who I've met several times in the past and I spoke to and I acknowledge that in the big picture yes this is of a racial issue. But in this thing that sparked it all this one particular confrontation between the two when they met. It had nothing to do different but as you know and then 911 call many of -- what they think is a racial epitaph for mr. Zimmerman. And many people have made an interpretation of what they think happened based upon. What they've heard so far. What they've seen so far. But they haven't heard from George they haven't seen the evidence and one of the things -- allow this to -- so big is. What's very confusing to me. Just historically what we've seen so much evidence of other cases. Presented to the press and and allowed to be seen and explored by the public but until that evidence itself in this conversation is is going to keep. Ballooning until it explodes -- -- We know from the 91 tapes and I want dispatcher saying business is -- chasing. Trim body saying you don't need to do that. That that's not exactly -- what's what's on the tape -- -- -- -- -- I forget exactly what was what was said there but it wasn't you don't need to do that I think is we don't need you do that. But -- there -- other. No one tapes of him and disclosed or other things were said there -- other events that happened that night I think once those. Once those things come out of couldn't tell the complete story we don't have the complete story yet. And I believe the wants a complete story comes out it's going to show that George Zimmermann acted in self defense that night he was -- he did have a right to. Defend himself and we desperately need to have that evidence come out and we've got the Grainger is convening on April 10 and hopefully at that point. That information going to come out and I think you will exonerate George Zimmermann and that's what it is Unita soldiers whose. Going before a grand jury has the right to come -- and just tell their side of the story. This that's for that -- he he may I hope he does good chance on the side of the story the grand jury. But then I'm not sure that's necessarily true that he that he -- had an opportunity that I hope he does. -- -- -- -- -- I don't I don't have the and I -- having the details. Joseph you -- you describe this as salute a life and death struggle. Going on even even told our anchor David -- yesterday you're not even sure who pulled the trigger. No I'm not I'm not. -- room and tell you he didn't pull the trigger. No I can't say that he did or didn't. You know the only things that I talked about George. Was to confirmed the things that I hadn't gotten through his family and -- what happened and what was going on and I needed that to hear from him. Before I could sit here and talk on his behalf so why -- you so sure he wasn't the aggressor and and why aren't you sure that he pulled the trigger. And that's the evidence that's going to come out. What -- they told -- plus the fact. I'm sorry what are they told you his family. I can't go into the George because that would be the evidence is going to be presented in the grand jury case in Georgia's been told by others investigators not to say anything. He's in hiding now out of fear for his life there's a bounty on his head. I wish I could I really do wish I could. But I've got to follow Georgia's lead because this is his life now. Then you've also said they send your conversations with him and his family cried for days. After the shooting. And is sorry about it. No question about it I mean. When I first. Heard it was George. Mike the first thought was no picked it can't. Because this is a guy that. You would trust with your life this is a guy who would bend over backwards to do anything for you. This is a guy who was thought he was doing the right thing at the time and it's turned out horribly wrong and what does he want the protesters. To now. First and foremost he's not a racist. First and foremost this particular incidents. His not a racial. Incidents. This is a formal. Formal happening where someone who thought he was doing the right thing. Has virtually lost his life and what would he say to -- -- -- handling. That he's very very sorry. That he's very very sorry. Because in many ways George lost his life to god. The line you're convinced Georgian Zimmerman acted in self defense I'm absolutely convinced intrusion and acted in self defense. Gentlemen thank you both very much.

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{"id":16001250,"title":"Zimmerman Defended by Friend, Lawyer for Shooting","duration":"5:28","description":"Craig Sonner and Joe Oliver discuss George Zimmerman's shooting of unarmed teen.","url":"/GMA/video/zimmerman-defended-friend-lawyer-trayvon-martin-shooting-16001250","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}