Zumba Prostitution Ring Case: Officials Might Release Names

Popular Maine tourist town rocked by an alleged prostitution scandal involving a fitness instructor.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zumba Prostitution Ring Case: Officials Might Release Names
Thanks very much. Now, to the latest on the shocking scandal we reported earlier this week. Prostitution allegations against a zumba dance instructor in a popular new england tourist town. This morning, police are getting ready to reveal the names of more than 100 alleged clients. Abc's john schriffen is in kennebunk, maine, with the latest. Reporter: Defense attorneys representing some of the more than 100 alleged client of alexis wright, asked the judge here to block the release of the names. Releasing the list has the power to really destroy reputation. Reporter: Wright, a zumba dance instructor, is accused of running a prostitution ring from her kennebunk dance studio. Outside of court tuesday, the 29-year-old refused to answer questions, after pleading not guilty to 106 counts, ranging from prostitution to invasion of privacy. This morning, abc news has learned as many as 45 men on the list have already been summoned. Police claim this man, 57-year-old mark strong, was in charge of booking and screening wright's alleged clients. His lawyer admits, there is a list. But claims strong had nothing to do with it. There's policemen, firemen, accountants, tv personalities, lawyers. It runs the gamut of americana. Reporter: According to court documents, the landlord for wright's studio called police after hearing unusual sounds coming from her office. And seeing strange men come and go at all hours of the night. I thought she was a little -- I don't know. Not risque. But flirtatious at times with a couple of the male participants of the class. Reporter: Some men allegedly paid big bucks for wright's services. 150. And on case was $1,500. Reporter: Prosecutors say wright recorded some of her encounters with the men. And say they have 100 hours of video evidence, which many fear could now ruin lives. And kennebunk is so small. With 100 names on the list, 1 out of every 30 men living here could have been a client of wright. According to the defense attorney of a prominent family with a compound the next town over, the bush family is not on the list.

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{"id":17462026,"title":"Zumba Prostitution Ring Case: Officials Might Release Names","duration":"3:00","description":"Popular Maine tourist town rocked by an alleged prostitution scandal involving a fitness instructor.","url":"/GMA/video/zumba-prostitution-ring-case-officials-release-names-17462026","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}