Zumba Prostitution Scandal: More Information About Alleged Clients

Addresses and ages released to clear up confusion about the first 21 names.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zumba Prostitution Scandal: More Information About Alleged Clients
We're going to turn to the latest bombshell in the prostitution scandal shaking up maine. We're learning more about the prominent names on the client st. And we're hearing from the man who is charged with helping that zumba instructor run the operation. John schriffen is in kennebunk, maine. Reporter: The judge has decided to release more information about the first 21 names. We know their ages range from 34 to 85 and their home addresses. The majority live right here in maine. One in new hampshire. The other in boston. But the most scandalous information, coming from the man accused of screening those johns. In a scathing statement overnight, 57-year-old mark strong, the man accused of booking clients in the unfolding prostitution scandal here, lashed out at investigators. Accusing the kennebunk police department, of retaliation and unprofessional conduct. I never had sex with alexis strong for money. The charges are untrue. I'll be indicated in trial. Strong says he met alexis wright, the 29-year-old, zumba instructor accused of selling sex in her dance studio online, developed a relationship and helped her start a legitimate business. Police say strong helped run wright's alleged side business and helped videotape her clients. But the 57-year-old insurance agent now says he's also a private investigator. And that he began investigating kennebunk police, because he says the police department was harassing wright. The kennebunk police department seized my computer, which contains multiple interviews with witnesses in that investigation. Wright did not respond to the allegations. Meantime, there is more fallout this morning from the release of some of wright's more than 100 alleged clients, which reportedly include a lawyer, a forester, and an appraiser. Abc news has confirmed 58-year-old james soule, the mayor of a nearby town, south portland, maine, and seen here in an interview "the boston globe," is 1 of the 21 of the soliciting charge. He will not answer our calls or answer his front door. Late tuesday, his lawyer told the press, he feels terrible about this. The biggest impact of this is on his family and friends. That's truly the most dreadful situation. Let's get the weather, now, from sam.

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{"id":17498294,"title":"Zumba Prostitution Scandal: More Information About Alleged Clients","duration":"3:00","description":"Addresses and ages released to clear up confusion about the first 21 names.","url":"/GMA/video/zumba-prostitution-scandal-information-alleged-clients-17498294","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}