Woman Almost Crushed by NYC Train

A subway motorman stops the train just in time to save a fallen woman.

Aug. 30, 2010 -- She was bloodied and moaning, her twisted body laid out on the tracks with a New York City subway train fast approaching.

As train conductor Francis Lusk pulled his subway into a station on Manhattan's east side Saturday morning, he quickly blew the horn, hit the brakes and grinded the 370-ton train to a halt.

"I actually watched her go off the platform so I didn't even need anybody to wave or get my attention... I knew that I had to stop the train," said Lusk.

The woman had fallen onto the train tracks inside the 5th Avenue, 59th Street station.

Lusk immediately rushed over to help. He was worried the woman might accidentally touch the high voltage rail and electrocute herself.

"I asked her if she was alright, if she was dizzy or anything. She said that she was bleeding, so I turned around, I had some tissues in my back pocket that I gave her," Lusk said.

Little is known about the woman who fell. She was rushed to the hospital with a cut over her left eye.

Subway accidents like this are rare and don't always have a happy ending.

Last March, a woman was crushed in a nearby New York subway station while trying to retrieve a bag that had fallen onto the tracks.

In this case, as the New York Daily News reported, it's a miracle it didn't happen this time.

It's all thanks to a heroic subway conductor, who is now embarrassed by all the attention he's getting for just doing his job.