Your Three Words: The Young Veins, 'Take a Vacation!'

Music by The Young Veins

— -- With fall closing in and the school season underway, this week's Your Three Words is a look back at some of your favorite vacation memories set to the sunny sounds of "Take a Vacation!" by The Young Veins.

Although The Young Veins [] may be a new band, founding members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker are no strangers to the spotlight. As members of pop-punk band Panic! At the Disco for several years, then-teenagers Ross and Walker enjoyed widespread success, selling out arenas around the world and releasing two albums, including the multi-platinum debut A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

On Panic! At the Disco's 2008 follow up, Pretty. Odd, it became clear that Ross was exploring a new stylistic direction, favoring 60's Beatlesque pop songwriting over the emo rock that Panic! previously had produced.

After parting with the band in 2009 because of creative differences, Ross and Walker moved to Los Angeles and formed The Young Veins along with bassist Andy Soukal, keyboardist Nick White and drummer Nick Murray.

The new lineup in place, they tapped heavily into their power pop reservoir to create "Take A Vacation!," a 29-minute exercise in vintage melodic psychedelic rock released in June 2010.

Listen to more tracks by The Young Veins at their website.