How Are Life-Threatening Drug Allergies Treated Versus Non-Life-Threatening Drug Allergies?

Dr. Adkinson answers the question: 'Dangerous Vs. Benign Drug Allergies?'

— -- Question: How are life-threatening drug allergies treated versus non-life-threatening drug allergies?

Answer: Most life-threatening allergic reactions to drugs occur within minutes, or at most, a couple of hours after the first dose of the drug has been given.

In those situations, emergency care may be required in a physician's office or in an emergency room. And the use of medications commonly used to treat serious allergic reactions will be very important. These will include the use of medicines such as epinephrine if there's a change in blood pressure of heart function, the use of antihistamine to treat hives or other itchy skin rashes, and occasionally the use of corticosteroids to treat and prevent subsequent allergic phenomena that may occur later after the original reaction.

All of these medications are available in the offices and emergency facilities where acute drug allergy would ordinarily be treated.

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