If My Child Is Allergic To Milk And Therefore Cannot Drink Whole Milk, Should My Child Stay On Formula?

Dr. Wood answers the question: 'Staying On Formula If Allergic To Milk?'

— -- Question: If my child is allergic to milk and therefore cannot drink whole milk from ages 1-2 years, should my child stay on formula?

Answer: The most important management aspect of a food-allergic child is really maintaining adequate nutrition. And the second year of life is a period where the nutritional requirements, particularly for fats and proteins, are pretty significant.

So our usual practice is to maintain a formula in the second year of life in those babies who are unable to take whole milk.

Although there may be some children whose diet is complete enough from the intake of meats and other sources of fat and protein that they would be okay on another milk substitute as long as their calcium requirements are being met.

But in general, we do keep children with milk allergy on a formula through at least 18 or 24 months of age.

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