How Are Sinus Infections Treated?

Dr. Ralph Metson answers the question: 'How Are Sinus Infections Treated?'

— -- Question: How are sinus infections treated?

Answer: Treatment of sinus infections is a step-wise approach. First, a simple home remedy. Saltwater irrigations work for many patients who have symptoms of sinusitis, particularly that thick mucus drainage that leads to nasal congestion.

If you just take a simple bulb syringe and fill it with a glass of warm saltwater. You can make that saltwater by just taking an 8 oz glass of warm water; adding a teaspoon of salt, just so it's slightly salty to taste -- the exact amount of salt is not critical; fill up the bulb syringe -- again this bulb syringe is similar to what you would use to clean an infant's nose; lean over the sink; put the tip of the syringe into the nostril and squeeze gently. The saltwater will run up into the nose and sinuses and run right back out the same nostril and carry with it the bacteria particles, allergy particles, and mucus that's leading to the infection and the swelling inside then nose and sinuses.

Repeat the same irrigation on the other side of the nose. If you do that twice a day, you'll find that it may help tremendously with your sinusitis symptoms. I say to my patients do it after you brush your teeth each day. You brush, and then you flush.

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