How Can I Tell If An Alternative Treatment Or Product Is Making A False Claim About Curing Cancer?

Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D, Sloan

Question: How can I tell if an alternative treatment or product is making a false claim about curing cancer?

Answer:It is a sad commentary on life, not only in the United States these days but also in all developed countries, that we are besieged and beleaguered by false claims that certain products or procedures or approaches are going to cure cancer. This is sheer nonsense and I certainly hope that the patients who are listening to this program will seek sources that provide accurate information and not be drawn in by the promises of people who are getting wealthy by promoting a wide range of approaches to take care of cancer -- none of which work, which tend to be invasive, which are usually expensive, frequently offered in Tijuana and other such places but also through a slew of folks that are available. And if you go into Google and put in "alternative" and "cancer," you will get tens of millions of hits.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are getting wealthy on the backs of cancer patients, and I for one deeply resent that.