How Is A Well-Child Visit To An Integrative Pediatrician Different From A Well-Child Visit To A Conventionally Trained Physician?

Question: How is a well-child visit to an integrative pediatrician different from a well-child visit to a conventionally trained physician?

Answer:Well-child care is very important for conventional pediatricians and for integrative pediatricians. Really integrative medicine is the embodiment of good medicine, so it focuses on health promotion just like for a regular pediatrician visit. It is respectful towards the family, and engages the family, and looks at the child in the context of their family and community and their culture, and focuses on healthy lifestyle to promote good overall health.

The things that an integrative pediatrician may do in addition are ask parents about their use of herbs, home remedies, massage and other kinds of therapies. Integrative pediatricians take on additional training to be able to answer parents' questions about those kinds of therapies.