If My Doctor Suggests I Try Mind-Body Techniques, Does That Mean My Problem Is All In My Head?

David Rakel, M.D., WisconsinABCNEWS.com

Question: If my doctor suggests I try mind-body techniques, does that mean my problem is all in my head?

Answer:If your doctor suggests you try a mind-body technique, great! Because often that's a great way to stack the deck in favor of accessing the body's healing mechanisms. Because every symptom involves our head and every emotion involves our body. You can't separate the two.

A great example of this is metaphor: That if your job is eating you up inside, that's an example of how our emotions might be influencing our physical health. So let's use that. Let's see if I focus on relaxation or a sense of peace, let's see if my stomach still feels like it's being eaten up inside. And use these techniques to really stack the deck in your favor. So your doctor is just trying to help in any way possible to help resolve your symptoms.