Why Might I Need A Combination Of Medications For My Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Levendusky answers the question: 'Combination Meds For Anxiety Disorders?'

ByPhilip G. Levendusky, Ph.D., Director, Psychology Department and Psychology Training, McLean Hospital
April 15, 2008, 5:38 PM

— -- Question: Why might I need a combination of medications for my anxiety disorder?

Answer: The optimal approach to treating anxiety disorders is to start with a thorough assessment and then to consider the different options that are available. Psychological interventions have been shown to be very, very effective in treating anxiety disorders. However, in some patients where the psychological approaches are not fully effective, then supplementing those with a medication approach can be quite effective. And, in many situations, that the combination of both the psychological interventions as well as the medication that would represent the optimal treatment strategy.

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