Is Medication, Therapy, Or Both More Effective In Treating My Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Levendusky answers the question: 'Meds, Therapy For Anxiety Disorder?'

— -- Question: Is medication, therapy, or both more effective in treating my anxiety disorder?

Answer: The scientific literature suggests that, in the treatment of anxiety disorders, that psychological interventions can be very effective. However, there are some patients where they aren't working optimally and introducing medication can be quite effective. So the combination of both medication and psychological interventions can be a very useful strategy. Literature suggests that one of the things that the combination of treatment allows is the likelihood of a patient to use their medication in a fashion that is most productive, that they follow through in a way that the medication is being prescribed and reduces the probability of potential medication abuse.

In addition, the psychological interventions in their own right can teach the patient very effective coping skills that would ultimately lead to them being able to manage their anxiety without the medication.

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