What If I Miss A Dose Of Medication For My Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Pollack answers the question: 'Missing A Dose Of Anxiety Disorder Meds?'

— -- Question: What if I miss a dose of medication for my anxiety disorder?

Answer: When starting a new medication it's always a good idea to review with your doctor at how the medication should be taken. Should I take it in the morning? Should I take it at night? Am I supposed to take this two or three times a day? What happens if I miss doses? The concern about missing a dose of medication may be that the patient will start to experience some withdrawal-type reactions or be more vulnerable to having a return of their symptoms.

Usually, if you miss a dose by an hour or two, it's not generally going to be a huge issue, and the patient can go ahead and take the medication as they normally would. For people who might miss a day or two of their dose, doubling up is generally not a good idea. But in those cases, it would be worth reviewing with their physician exactly how best to handle the missed dose.

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