Is There A Genetic Test For Asthma?

Dr. Timothy Craig answers the question: 'Is There A Genetic Test For Asthma?'

— -- Question:Is there a genetic test for asthma?

Answer: There is not a genetic test for asthma, similar to what I've already said because there's multiple genes involved in the expression of the disease. However, there are tests to determine how good or how well you'd respond to different medications used for asthma.

So, there are tests to look at the beta receptor, and we know that if you have certain genotypes of the beta receptor, you'll be more influenced by the effect of using say, Albuterol or Serevent, and in turn some people are predisposed or have bad outcomes from those medications because of certain genotypes.

The same is true for Leukotriene receptor antagonists, we know we can look at that receptor and determine how well you would respond to a medication. And the same thing with a steroid receptor -- that we can look at that receptor, depending on the genotype of that receptor -- we can determine whether or not you'd be a good responder to that medication or a poor responder.

So though there's not a genetic test for asthma, there are genetic tests that can be used to determine how well you'll respond to medications.

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