How Do I Balance My Concerns For My Child's Safety And His/Her Need For Independence?

Question: How do I balance my concerns for my child's safety and his/her need for independence?

Answer: Everybody wants for their child to be as independent as possible, but also to be as safe as possible. So I believe that a way that parents can ensure there's a balance between the two is by teaching their child skills that will enable that person to be safe both at home and out in the community. We want to look at home safety skills, we want to look at teaching community safety skills, and then we just fill in the gaps while the child is learning those skills. We fill in those gaps with things that will help that person should they become separated from that parent when they're out in the community for instance, such as a medical ID bracelet or insuring that at the very least, that individual knows how to use a cell phone to contact the parent and to stay where they are until that parent can reach them.