I Think There's Something Wrong With My Child, But No One's Listening. What Do I Do?

Dr. Filipek answers the question: 'How Do I Get A Response About My Child?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: I think there's something wrong with my child, but no one's listening. What do I do?

Answer: Any parent who suspects something's not right with their child's development needs to know that research shows that they're probably correct in their concerns. So, any parent that has concern about their child's development needs to empower themselves to keep knocking on doors until they get the answers they need.

If they're unable to get responses or appropriate responses from their primary care providers, their physicians, other professionals, they need to keep trying. And more importantly, they need to call their local zero to three early intervention provider. Or, for children over the age of 3, they need to contact their local school districts for formal evaluations. Parents are usually right when they're concerned about their child's development.