How Should I Go About Selecting, Training, And Supervising In-Home Assistants, Spouses Etc. For Early Intervention?

Question: How should I go about selecting, training, and supervising in-home assistants, nannies, babysitters, spouses, etc. for early intervention?

Answer: Many families tell us that they have the best luck when they recruit their helpers from local universities or colleges in the departments of psychology, social work, speech pathology, or education. They also may find helpers through their local places of worship. When interviewing, it's important to conduct thorough checks of references and also to make sure that your personality is a good fit with that of the tutor's. Consider that these people who are helping you will basically become extended members of your family, as they will be in and out of your house, working with your child possibly for several years.

It's important that your tutor be enthusiastic, responsible, and flexible. And that they're open to new ways of learning as you may need to change the course of what you are doing over the years. It's also important that they can take constructive feedback appropriately. If you're developing an in-home behavioral program, it's best to work collaboratively with a professional. Ideally a board certified behavioral analyst. BCBA's have the experience in training necessary to develop and guide your team and achieve the best outcome for your child.