What Are The Different Techniques For Nasal Irrigation?

Question: What are the different techniques for nasal irrigation?

Answer: Salt water irrigation of the nasal and sinus passages are a relatively simple home remedy that work to relieve the congestion and mucous drainage associated with colds allergy flare-ups in sinus infections. One of the techniques commonly used for irrigation is a neti pot. This Aladdin-shaped device is filled with salt water. And the water flows out the tip of the pot into one nostril. Gravity takes around the back of the nostril and actually drains out the opposite side of the nose. Then the same procedure is repeated on the opposite side. The neti pot is excellent in cleaning mucus which is relatively thin and clear in consistency. It's often used on a daily basis just for good nasal hygiene.

For most individuals who suffer from infections or flare ups of their sinuses however, irrigations using plastic squeeze bottles such as this can be recommended. This bottle, which can be purchased at any local drugstore, comes with packages of salt, which is then filled up with water to this dotted line. Because this hole is on the top of the bottle, you simply lean over the sink and squeeze. Water flows into the nostril and out the same side, or sometimes across the back of the nose and out the other side of the nose or the back of the mouth. And as the water flows out it brings with it the allergy particles, bacteria, and mucus, that are causing the blocked nasal breathing and other related symptoms. Half a bottle on one side, half a bottle on the other side, provides a lot of relief.