What Can Be Done When Pain Killers Do Not Help Collapsed Back Bone Pain?

Dr. Chisholm answers the question: 'Treatment For Collapsed Back Bone?'

— -- Question: I Have Osteoporosis And Developed Sudden Pain In My Back. My Doctor Says Is Due To A Collapsed Back Bone And Pain Killers Don't Help. What Can Be Done?

Answer: An effective form of treatment for patients with a collapsed back bone could be vertebroplasty.

Vertebroplasty can sometimes cause relief of symptoms within minutes. This is a minor surgical procedure which is performed generally in an outpatient setting.

The physician uses X-ray guidance in order to locate the area of the fracture or break in the bone, and place cement material in that area. This material stabilizes the broken bone, and will reduce, or even relieve the painful symptoms from that area.

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