How Do I Know That I Need A Knee Replacement?

Dr. Benoy Benny answers the question: 'How Do I Know I Need A Knee Replacement?'

— -- Question: How Do I Know That I Need A Knee Replacement?

Answer: People who require knee replacements are generally older people. Now that does not exclude younger people having knee replacements.

You will know if you need a knee replacement if you've gone through the conservative care needed to manage your knee, if you have been diagnosed with the appropriate diagnosis for needing a knee replacement.

So the most common type of diagnosis really requiring a knee replacement is a person who has osteoarthritis. Other causes include rheumatoid arthritis as well as traumatic knee injuries that can cause severe pain that's refractory to medications or injections.

Usually after conservative care fails and your function is still not back to where it was before, you have difficulty walking and you have extreme amount of pain, then you should consider a knee replacement.

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