Does My School/Workplace Have An Obligation To Make Accommodations For Me When I Am Depressed?

Dr. Schlozman answers the question: 'Workplace Accommodations For Depression?'

— -- Question: Does my school or workplace have an obligation to make special accommodations for me when I am depressed?

Answer: By definition, schools and especially workplaces do have an obligation -- there's a legal obligation at workplaces. Schools, depending what school district, no matter what the laws are, have obligations as well to meet the needs of a child or adolescent that are depressed.

What those needs are is tailored on a very individual basis, so it makes the most sense for the child to be frank with the school about what they're able to do or not do. They can come to these conclusions with the help of their parents and with their clinicians. And then those needs are met on what's usually a temporary basis, because depression gets better with treatment.

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