What Groups Of Medications May Be Effective For Treating Pediatric Depression?

Dr. Schlozman answers the question: 'Medications For Pediatric Depression?'

— -- Question: What groups of medications may be effective for treating pediatric depression?

Answer: All of the antidepressants that exist potentially have some effectiveness in treating children and adolescents. It's worth noting that the only antidepressant that currently enjoys FDA approval for the treatment of depression in adolescents is fluoxetine, or Prozac. That's in the class of medicines called the SSRIs or the serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Having said that, the other medications, bupropion, or Welbutrin, which is an atypical antidepressant, the tricyclic antidepressants -- all of them appear to have some kind of efficacy, some helpfulness, in helping with the symptoms of depression in children and adolescents.

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