When I Get Pregnant (With Diabetes), About What Issues Should I Be Concerned?

Question: When I get pregnant (with diabetes), about what issues should I be concerned?

Answer: If you become pregnant and already have diabetes, you should be seeing your obstetrician as soon as possible. It's critically important to control your blood sugars early in pregnancy, because that's when your baby's organs are forming.

Your best chance of having a baby with a healthy heart, healthy kidneys, and a healthy brain, are to make sure that your blood sugars are well-controlled during the first trimester of pregnancy when those organs are forming.

You also want to make sure that you stay healthy, as well. In addition to controlling your blood sugars, your doctor will also make sure you have your eyes checked to make sure there's no diabetic eye problems, and make sure your kidneys are doing well.


It's one of those situations where taking good care of yourself and taking good care of your baby go hand-in-hand.

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