What Are The Goals For Sugar Control And Special Challenges For An Older Child With Diabetes?

Question: What are the goals for sugar control and special challenges for an older child with diabetes?

Answer: Well, children ages 11 to 16 have a lot of issues, whether or not they have type 1 diabetes. And having type 1 diabetes definitely complicates their life at this time frame. Children at this age are trying to establish independence, begin to function as adults; and having parents pestering them with questions about what their diabetes is can just create friction, so that's definitely a major issue. Additionally children are going through puberty and all of the hormones that make your body grow and develop during puberty also make your diabetes more difficult to control.

Secondly, issues such as body image come into play, and so children with type 1 diabetes are at risk for developing eating disorders and need to be screened and monitored for this.


And lastly, emotional issues such as depression can manifest at this time frame and children with type 1 diabetes need to be carefully monitored for that.

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