What Are The Pros And Cons Of Giving Insulin By Pump?

Question:What are the pros and cons of giving insulin by pump?

Answer:Well an insulin pump is a device that is attached to the patient via a tubing and a catheter. The patient inserts the catheter somewhere in the body, typically fat tissue such as the abdomen, connects it to the pump with a catheter. And the pump device is about the size of a pager and it allows the patient to program their insulin rates automatically into the pump.

Now the pump is probably the most advanced form we have of delivering insulin. We typically save pump therapy for individuals whose blood glucoses are not controlled, who are already taking multiple daily injections of insulin.

The advantage of the pump is better glucose control and often more convenience for the patient. The disadvantage of the pump is that the patient has to be very comfortable managing electronics and the buttons on the device. And also the pump is more costly than just daily injections, so one has to check with one's insurance plan and make sure the pump device is covered by their health plan.


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