Can Nerve Blocks Be Used To Diagnose My Pain?

Dr. Paul Christo answers the question: 'Can Nerve Blocks Diagnose My Pain?'

— -- Question: Can Nerve Blocks Be Used To Diagnose My Pain?

Answer: Nerve blocks can be used to help diagnose your pain. Specific nerves located in the neck, back, arms, legs, abdomen, pelvis, spine, and head, can be blocked with local anesthetic to reduce both chronic and acute pain conditions. Many of these blocks are performed under X-ray guidance to increase the accuracy of the block, but others can be done at the bedside.

If your pain is believed to be caused by specific nerves, then one or more of these nerves can be blocked in order to help your physician determine which nerve is involved in producing your pain.

If a certain nerve is causing your pain, repeated blocks can be performed in order to provide extended relief. Sometimes, spinal nerve blocks are performed before surgeons operate on the spine in order to ensure that the correct region of the spine is identified prior to surgery.

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