What Should I Do If Something Sharp Has Punctured My Eye?

Dr. Reid answers the question: 'What If Something Has Punctured My Eye?'

Aug. 24, 2009— -- Question: What should I do if something sharp has punctured my eye?

Answer: If something sharp has punctured your eye, it's a very serious injury. So the first thing that you need to do if the object is still in is leave it there. If you have to, wrap a bandage around to keep it in place, but you don't want to push it or move it around in there. The next thing is, if you need to put a bandage over your eye, never put pressure directly on the eyeball itself because it will just make the injury worse. You need to make some sort of arrangement to get to the emergency room as soon as possible, whether it's calling family or calling 911. And you need to get there as soon as possible because you may actually need to have surgery for the injury, and time is of the essence.