What Are The Important Do's And Don'ts When Considering Good Hygiene For Contact Lenses?

Question: What are the important do's and don'ts when considering good hygiene for contact lenses?

Answer: I really can't overemphasize the importance of good contact lens hygiene. Over the past four years or so, we've seen several outbreaks of very serious infections that cause blindness in contact lens wearers, and by using a few simple steps, contact lens wearers can make sure their eyes stay healthy and without infections.

The most important thing is to follow your eye care providers recommendations regarding how to take care of the lenses. If they recommend a particular solution for your lenses, use that solution. Don't change to another one just because it happens to be a little less expensive. If your eye care provider has recommended that you enzyme the lenses, then by all means do that. And finally, don't wear them really longer than they've been recommended. So, for example, if it's a daily wear lens, don't sleep in it. If it's a two-week disposable lens, don't wear it for a month. Common sense tips will help you keep your eyes healthy and able to wear contact lenses.