Health Tip: Counting Baby's Kicks

Sept. 22 -- (HealthDay News) -- By the time you reach the 28th week of pregnancy, you should be able to feel your baby rolling, thumping and kicking. To be sure baby is doing well, you can keep track of kick counts.

The Alameda Alliance for Health offers these instructions on measuring baby's kick counts:

  • Track kick counts each day, measuring them at about the same time each day, when your baby is active.
  • Track kick counts shortly after you've eaten a meal, as your baby will probably be most active then.
  • Sitting or lying on your side, place your hands on your belly and monitor baby's movement.
  • Each time you feel a roll, kick, thump or turn, mark it down on a piece of paper. Don't count baby's hiccups.
  • Keep counting until you've felt 10 movements from baby. If baby doesn't move 10 times within one hour, try again later that day. You should call your doctor if your baby's movement seems abnormal or you've tried more than once that day and can't feel baby move 10 times or more during one hour.