Health Tip: See Your Doctor Before Pregnancy

(HealthDay News) -- When you're pregnant, certain medical conditions can be dangerous for you and your developing baby, but you might not even be aware of some of these potential health risks.

So, it's important to have a thorough medical exam before you become pregnant.

The American Pregnancy Association offers this list of potential risk factors:

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure should be diagnosed and well-controlled before pregnancy.
  • Anemia can trigger symptoms of weakness and fatigue. A complete blood count (CBC) is used to measure factors including hemoglobin, red and white blood cell count, and platelet appearance.
  • A test measuring thyroid-stimulating hormone can help determine if your thyroid is overactive or underactive. Either condition could pose risks for you and the developing baby.
  • You should always be checked for sexually transmitted diseases before you become pregnant.