What Should I Do If I Get Chest Pain While I Am Driving?

Dr. Rihal answers the question: 'What If I Get Chest Pain While Driving?'

— -- Question: What should I do if I get chest pain while I am driving?

Answer: Mild stable angina is not a contraindication to driving. And I would say most patients with heart disease can safely drive if they follow certain precautions.

Firstly, if you happen to experience chest pain while you're actually driving, it would be a good idea to pull over, rest, and take the nitroglycerin if your physician has prescribed that for you.

Secondly, if you have severe angina, if you're having multiple episodes every day, if you happen to be having angina at rest or at night, you probably should call an ambulance and be examined in your closest emergency room.

Third, if you think you could be experiencing a heart attack, under no circumstances should you try to drive yourself to the hospital, but call 911.

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