What Is The Difference Between Stable And Unstable Angina. Is It Safe To Fly When You Have Stable Angina?

Question: What is the difference between stable and unstable angina, and is it safe to fly on a plane when you have stable angina?

Answer: There's a big difference between stable and unstable angina. And the chest pressure that one would feel in a stable angina setting would be relatively predictable and always come when doing a certain amount of work.

But if it becomes unstable, and it comes at times, either at rest or when you wouldn't otherwise predict it, that can be a sign that you should call your doctor. It would be perfectly fine to fly on an airplane with stable angina. Make sure to bring your medications with you in the plane, in case an angina attack occurs. But if you have unstable angina, you should not fly and really contact your doctor that same day.

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