Should The Ejection Fraction Test Be Repeated At Each Visit To My Doctor, Or At All?

Dr. Hare answers the question: 'Must I Repeat Ejection Fraction Tests?'

— -- Question: Should the ejection fraction test be repeated at each visit to my doctor, or at all?

Answer: The ejection fraction is a helpful measurement for the physician in assessing the patient with congestive heart failure, and is usually done by an echocardiogram, although it can be done in other fashions.

It does not need to be repeated on a regular basis. It is important to be measured at the beginning of a presentation. And typically it should be measured perhaps once a year or if you are admitted to a hospital -- it's very likely that your doctor will want to measure it at that time because a hospitalization might suggest that your heart is getting weaker.

However, if you're seeing your doctor every three months in the clinic, you should not expect to have an echocardiogram every three months in the clinic if for the most part things are stable with your condition.