I Have Heard That Taking Extra Fluids And Salts Will Prevent Me From Fainting. Is This True, And How Does It Work?

Dr. Sam Asirvatham answers the question: 'Fluids and Salts Preventing Fainting?'

— -- Question: I have heard that taking extra fluids and salts will prevent me from fainting. Is this true, and how does it work?

Answer: What you've heard is right. Although we have very high-tech solutions for most heart problems, for fainting -- preventing fainting -- solutions are often very simple: fluids -- one and a half to two gallons a day -- including water, fruit juices or milk. To maintain adequate hydration is important. Remember, caffeine and alcohol don't count as fluids because they will tend to dehydrate you.

Other very simple things are aerobic exercise, improving your muscle tone in the legs and increasing the amount of salt in your diet. You've probably heard that heart doctors usually say, "Don't take salt." An exception is for patients who tend to faint. A little salt actually helps prevent fainting.