Do Defibrillators Help For My Newly Diagnosed Ventricular Tachycardia?

Question: Do defibrillators help for my newly diagnosed ventricular tachycardia?

Answer :As we talked a little bit before, patients that are young and have a structurally normal heart, a healthy heart -- defibrillators are normally not a good treatment strategy and one would rather use ablations.

However, the latter part of the populations that have ventricular tachycardia have these because they had a previous heart attack and they have a scar inside the heart.

And we now have more than one or two decades of experience showing that in those patients defibrillators indeed help a lot and prolong life for those patients. So, in patients that have an abnormal heart muscle and that have ventricular tachycardia, normally defibrillators are the main treatment strategy.