Is It True That My Doctor or Nurse Can Monitor My Pacemaker Online?

Question: I have heard that my doctors/nurses can follow what my pacemaker is doing through the Internet. Is this true, and how does it work?

Answer: Yes, there are various ways that the devices that are now implanted can be followed without having direct interaction with your doctor or nurse. This can be done sometimes trans-telephonically and sometimes through the Internet. There are various systems and this is actually a good thing because what it allows for is for more careful follow-up should there be a problem with a pacemaker or in fact, this is also true for implantable defibrillators.

So, in the case of, lets say, an episode of lightheadedness or loss of consciousness or if, lets say, you have a defibrillator and you get a shock from the defibrillator, the devices can be evaluated and interrogated without having to come all the way into the hospital and see the doctor or the nurse. This can be done now in a much more efficient fashion to make sure that everything is actually working well with a pacemaker or the defibrillator.