Domenic Sica, M.D., Consultant for the ABC News OnCall+ High Blood Pressure Center

Early in his career, Dr. Domenic A. Sica was drawn to the field of applied pharmacology not only in college at Fordham University but also in medical school at Medical College of Virginia. This attraction came, in part, through his close interactions with Albert W. Wasserman, and thereafter, in training and active practice with national luminaries such as Dr. D. Craig Brater at Indiana University School of Medicine and Dr. William Frishman at New York Medical College.

After completing his internal medicine training at Medical College of Virginia, he spent three years in training in the field of nephrology at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio with Dr. Jay Stein, Dr. Robert Kunau and Dr. Greg Mundy. His early research career focused on issues of drug elimination in renal disease as well as the "how" and "why" of diuretic action. As his research career advanced he developed a strong interest in various aspects of the use of medications in patients with hypertension as well as an emphasis on issues of health care disparities.

d He joined the faculty at Medical College of Virginia in 1981 (now known as Virginia Commonwealth University) and has remained on the faculty of this prestigious university for nearly 30 years. He has emerged as an important opinion leader in a number of areas in the field of hypertension -- both basic and clinical science related. He has refined the art of treating the patient with hypertension, and in so doing, has received innumerable local, regional and national awards for his clinical expertise.

Sica is extensively published, and in the process has influenced thinking in the art and science of applied pharmacology particularly as it relates to the patient with hypertension. He has both national and global recognition in bringing bench research to the bedside to better patient care. He has a particular knack for simplifying difficult concepts and applying them to the patient circumstance. In addition, he has developed a strong interest in helping the underserved, both medically and philanthropically.

Dr. Sica is a paid consultant for the OnCall+ Heart Health - High Blood Pressure Center.