Do Home Blood Pressure Cuffs Work?

Dr. Clyde Yancy answers the question: 'Do Home Blood Pressure Cuffs Work?'

— -- Question: Do home blood pressure cuffs work?

Answer: When we begin to talk about checking the blood pressure yourself, that means you're going to be checking it at home. Don't fear, don't worry about that, because the equipment, the approach, is incredibly straightforward and is, in fact, easy. You wrap a cuff around your arm, you press a button, you record the number and that's it.

Once your practitioner, and the people who help your practitioner care for you, realize that you have that level of engagement, they will very willingly take a look at your procedure, a look at your equipment, and correspond it with their procedures and their equipment, and will give you reassurance that what you're doing is correct.

Or if there is something a little amiss, help you fine-tune your method or your equipment so that once you're discussing your blood pressures with your provider, everybody is talking about the same thing, you're on the same page. And it's an incredibly important first step towards really getting control and getting your arms around this blood pressure problem, so you really can have the best possible outcome.