Are There Any "Natural" Ways (Diet, Exercise, Remedies) To Boost A Man's Sperm Counts If My Wife/Partner And I Are Trying To Become Pregnant?

Question: Are there any "natural" ways (diet, exercise, remedies) to boost a man's sperm counts if my wife/partner and I are trying to become pregnant?

Answer: So low sperm count can be a problem for a lot of men, and when this is the case, we typically look at lifestyle. As I'd mentioned previously, using a split-seat for a bicycle, limiting bike riding to ten hours or less a week, not wearing tight-fitting briefs and switching to boxer shorts to decrease the temperature of the testicles to help increase sperm production can be helpful.

Another way to help boost sperm count is of course, to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoiding trans fats, taking a multivitamin every day, staying well hydrated, and then of course finally, it probably is useful to not have more than three to four ejaculations per week, just to make sure that sperm count is adequate at the time of conception.