What Are The Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Their Skin Care?

Question: What are the biggest mistakes men make with their skin care?

Answer: Basically the biggest mistake that men make with regard to their skin care is that they neglect it, to some extent. And that's true for men much more so than women. And there are two components of skin care: one is the cosmetic side and the other is actually medical.

The skin happens to be the largest organ of the body, and there are both medical and cosmetic reasons for men and women to pay particularly close [attention] to skin care issues. And some of them have to do with how to make your skin look its best, and that has to do with moisturizers and other cosmetic applications. Men, there again, don't see that as a tremendous priority.

But the medical side, in terms of skin care with regards to sun exposures, sunscreens, getting razor bumps when they shave -- those are things that men need to actually spend a little bit more time about and I think there needs to be more education on these issues.