Is It A Good Idea To Go Jogging/Running With My Children, And If So, At What Age Should They Start?

Question: Is it a good idea to go jogging/running with my children, and if so, at what age should they start?

Answer: Well, the most important thing when considering running with your kids, or exercising with your kids for that matter is that they enjoy it -- that they want to do it. It should be a positive experience so if they're interested in it, if they're enjoying it, then I would say certainly take your kids out for a run. We do use a little bit of caution when it comes to children running long distance, especially in races. But there is no hard and fast rule for what age is okay for kids to participate in certain length races.

It really, again, just comes back to: Is it fun? Is it a positive experience? Does it look like its good for their health?