What Are The Screening Tests Men Should Be Getting In Their 40s?

Question: What are the screening tests men should be getting in their 40s?

Answer: As a man in your 40s, there aren't a lot of screening tests that are indicated. You should probably get a serum cholesterol and other lipids to check for your risk of heart disease. You should know your blood pressure. You could consider getting a fasting blood glucose to check for your tendency toward diabetes. One test that's controversial is a PSA, or prostate specific antigen, which can detect your risk of prostate cancer. You should also have a digital rectal examination to feel the prostate for any signs of cancer.

By far the most important thing that will determine your long-term health is not screening tests to detect disease when it's already present but your health habits in diet, exercise and nutrition, which will help maintain the way for good health in the coming years.