Is There A Certain Age At Which I Can No Longer Get Six-Pack Abs And Lean, Cut Muscles?

Question: Is there a certain age at which I can no longer get six-pack abs and lean, cut muscles?

Answer: While genetics plays a large role in how our body develops when we age, I don't believe there is a certain age where you can't have those things. It truly comes down to: How well do you treat yourself, ):>diet, body composition and, obviously, activity level? I think anybody at any age can have that body composition or that body type provided they have those kinds of genetics and provided they work hard to get that. Now certainly as we age we ):">lose muscle mass. There's no doubt -- that's been proven in research. However, we don't have to lose muscle mass at such an aggressive rate; we can contain ):>muscle mass through resistance training exercise and staying active as we age.