Beaumont Hospitals, Detroit, Michigan

Hi, I'm Dr. Frank Vicini from Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan.

What I'd like to review with you is some of the exciting research that we're undertaking here at Beaumont.

One of those areas is in accelerated partial breast radiation. This is radiation for patients who are undergoing breast conserving therapy.

As opposed to the traditional six-and-a-half weeks that are required for breast conservation, we deliver the radiation therapy only in five days.

This is accomplished by focusing the radiation only on the tissues immediately surrounding the tumor bed. In so doing, we're able to deliver the radiation therapy much more quickly, much more effectively, and much more safely.


In so doing we also improved the quality of life of these patients, and allowed them to get back into a normal life as quickly as possible.

This is a technique that we pioneered here at Beaumont, close to 15 years ago, which is now being used across the country to help patients undergoing standard breast conserving therapy.

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