How Can I Become More Involved In Breast Cancer Advocacy Issues?

R.N. Shockney answers the question: 'How To Get Involved In Cancer Advoacy?'

ByABC News
September 25, 2007, 3:12 PM

— -- Question: How can I become more involved in breast cancer advocacy issues?

Answer:I encourage women to look at their treatment as never-ending, because one of the things I encourage patients to get involved with is breast cancer advocacy.

What can you do as an individual, in supporting other individuals who end up coming behind you, being diagnosed with breast cancer? And, even more importantly, what can you do to help eradicate this disease, so that your daughters, granddaughters and other people that you love and care about don't end up also being diagnosed with breast cancer.

There's a variety of organizations that you can get involved with. And by getting involved, you're going to find out that you feel better about the fact that you, yourself, was diagnosed -- because you're going to know that you are helping other people.

And that's a positive thing. That's why I want you also to look at that as part of your treatment. You can get involved with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Why Me?, Men Against Breast Cancer, Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and The Young Survivor Coalition.

All of these are very active and involved with breast cancer advocacy. One of the most powerful ones is the National Breast Cancer Coalition that stops on Capitol Hill every year to encourage our legislative body to vote in favor of developing more research money dedicated to finding a cure for this disease.

So, get out there, and get involved. And do consider it part of your ongoing treatment plan.

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