Will My Breast Still Have Pleasurable Sensation After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Question: Will I still have pleasurable feelings around my breast and nipple after breast cancer surgery?

Answer: Women are always concerned about how the breast will feel -- not to their fingers, but how it will respond. Will it be as sensitive after having breast surgery?

First of all, depending on where the incision is made, you may have some numbness around the incision, which can happen around any sort of incision any where in your body. Typically, that's not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, you may have some scarring deeper in the tissue or, particularly after radiation therapy, the breast texture may be a little bit different. In those situations you may have some alteration of the sensitivity or pleasurability of the breast.

After a mastectomy, when the nipple is removed, you do not have sensation in that area.

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