Are There Supplements You Can Take To Try To Lower Risk For Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Getzenberg answers the question: 'Supplements To Drop Prostate Cancer Risk?'

March 16, 2009 -- Question: Are there supplements you can take to try to lower risk for prostate cancer?

Answer: Well if you listen to the ads on TV or the radio or look in the newspaper or magazines, I guess the answer is yes. I don't think I've looked at anything recently where it hasn't advertised some type of supplement. Unfortunately, there's almost no data that these supplements are effective at really either protecting against prostate cancer, at stopping its severity or diminishing long term risk from the disease. So I think our data is really where we're lacking on this field.

I will say that there is one supplement that's coming down the pike that looks quite encouraging and that's the pomegranate supplement. I think it's call PomX. This is a capsulated form of pomegranate juice. As an antioxidant, there seems to be some evidence that it looks like it may be protective. And the best thing is they're doing the right kinds of studies that really may answer this in the short term.